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Contoh Teks drama Bahasa Inggris


Narrator :A long time ago in a village,there lived a beautiful girl
and good hearted.She living only with her father.Because
her mother dead.She named is a Cinderella.
Cinderella :”Good morning,dad!”
Father :”Good morning.Today you looked so beautiful.”
Cinderella :”Thank you,daddy!”
Father :(smile looking Cinderella)
Cinderella :”Dad said that,Daddy would talk about something.What’s
up dad?”
Father :”Daddy will marry again with a widow breed two from village
across.Do you agree?”
Cinderella :”Sure,I agree.Provided that daddy is happy,me too!”
Father :”Thank you very much.You did good kid.”(stroking head
Narrator :One week later,after her father married,her father
stepmother invites to Cinderella’s house.
Father :”Cinderella…cinderella…!!!”(While shouted into the house)
Cinderella :”Yes dad,just minutes.What’s up dad?”
Father :”Cinderella,this introduced the new mom andstepsisters.”
Cinderella :”Hai..I am Cinderella!”(kissing hand stepmother and
Stepmother :”Oh…good kid.This is a Mischell and Marsha.”(While pointed
towards Mischell and Marsha)
Mischel&Marsha :”Hai…Cinderella!!!”(wave a hand)
Father :”Cinderella,between them to the bedroom and help them bring it!”
Cinderella :”Yes dad,come here!”(while took the suitcase belonged to
her stepsisters)
Narrator :One week passed,Cinderella’s life go on as usual safe and
peaceful.But her life changed since her father went to
working in the city.
Marsha :”Cinderella,wash my shoes!”
Mischell :”Cinderella,bring my dress!”
Stepmother :”Cinderella,clean this all room!Fas!”
Cinderella :”Yes mom,just minutes.”
Stepmother :”Cinderella,Can’t you be faster?what do you wish not eat to
Mischell :”Cinderella,where is my dress?”
Marsha :”Come on Cinderella,fash washing my shoes!”
Cinderella :”Yes..”
Narrator :Everyday,morning,afternoon and night she always
tortured.There never was a break.But she always patient
because she believe that one day she would find happiness.
Soldier :”Excusme,good morning?”
Cinderella :”Yes,just minutes!”(while open the door)
Prime minister :”Good morning,Miss!”
Cinderella :”Good morning,can I help you?”
Prime minister :” we were sent by the prince of the kingdom.”
Cinderella :”Prince?Kingdom?”
Soldier :”Yes. we want to communicate something.”( while giving the
Cinderella :”What’s up?”( taking the invitation)
Prime minister :”To night,the prince would celebrate party about dance party to
find a new princess.”
Soldier :”All the girls in the village inveted by the prince.”
Marsha :”Cinderella…Cinderella…Who was coming?”(shouting)
Cinderella :”Ehm..ehm…From the kingdom.”
Marsha&mischell :(Just the same did face to face).”Kingdom?I like that.”(They ran)
Mischell :”Eh..Good Morning! May I knew why did you come in here?”
Prime minister :”We just gave an invitation from the prince.”
Mischell&marsha :”Oh my god!It was amazing!Ok..OK..Thank you,sir!”
Marsha :”Where was invited that?”
Cinderella :”this was on invitation.”( handing over invitation)
Marsha&mischell :”Hey,didn’t touch that!”(while take an invitation)
Mischell :”Hem,Oh my god!I Couldn’t mind if the prince would choose
me,certain me!”
Marsha :”What you say?”
Mischell :”the prince choosed me!”
Marsha :”Can you looked one self in the mirror?certain me!”(laugh)
Mischell :”OK..OK..the prince would choose us!! Ok..”
Marsha :”Hay..thought so!!”
Marsha&mischell :”of course!”
Prime minister :”May,I went to from here.Good morning?”
Mischell,marsha, :”of course,please!!”
Cinderella :”morning.”( closing the door)
Marsha :”I Would buy a new clothes.”
Mischell :”And me,I would buy the glamour shoes.”(laugh)

Cinderella :”Excusme me,may I follow us?”
Marsha&mischell :”What?Hello could you repeat again what do you said?”
Cinderella :”I Wanted to dance party from the prince.”
Marsha&mischell : (laugh)
Marsha :”I Thought you couldn’t do that?was she?”
Mischell :”Yeah,that’s right.You didn’t have a glamour things.”
Marsha :”Sure,do you have shoes?Do you have clothes?”
Cinderella : (Just Silent)
Stepmother :”Hey Cinderella,didn’t dream.You couldn’t come in there!”
Cinderella :”But Mom…!! I went to in there.”
Stepmother :”Didn’t distrait,Okey!”(by pulling)
Cinderella :”Okay mom,,”(crying)
Narrator :Because Cinderella didn’t request went to the
party.Cinderella felt sadness.When the stepmother and the
stepsister’s Cinderella had decorated herself,Cinderella
had cried.
Stepmother :”Cinderella…cinderella…cinderella…!!! Where were you?”
Cinderella :”Yeah Mom..I was in here!!”(run to stepmother)
“What’s happened mom?”
Stepmother :”You kept our house,until we comeback!Understood?”
Cinderella : (Just be silent again)
Marsha&mischell :”hey..do you have mouth?Please answered!”
Cinderella :”Understand.”
Mischell :”Bye…bye Cinderella!” (with a laugh and go)
Narrator :After her mother and sister left,she became more upset and
poured her emotions by crying.And suddenly Cinderella tears
dripping into the floor turned into a fairy.Cinderella was
Cinderella :”Huh…who are you?”(With fear)
Fairy :”Hey Cinderella?”(smile)
Cinderella :”Hey..who are you?”
Fairy :(small laugh) “do not worry I ‘ll help you”
Cinderella :”Help me? Meaning?”
Fairy : (smiles) “you want to go to a party night?”
Cinderella : (nods)
Fairy : “you want to go but you do not have clothes that? That
Cinderella : (nods)
Fairy : “And you are too shy to go because your body dirty and
Cinderella : (nods)
Fairy : “calm down Cinderella, I’ll help you to go to the party”
Cinderella : “realy? What could you do?”
Fairy : “calm down, I’ll change you be pretty girl”
Cinderella : “thanks, but now?”
Fairy :”Um…… but the previous one condition”
Cinderella : “What’s condition?”
Fairy : “you have to go back homo from the palace before 12
o’clock that night.Because my magic will loose at 12
tonight.If you do not return before 12 o’clock in the
evening you will change be Bad girl like this.”( painting
to Cinderella).”Understand ?”
Cinderella : (nods)
Fairy : “Now close your eyes and turn around.”
Cinderella ; ( nods and follow the wishesfairy)
Norrator : not long after, Cinderella who previously turned into a
bad-looking A very beautiful princes.
Cinderella : “OH..My god!”
Fairy : “how? Enhance?”
Cinderella : “perfect, thank you fairy.”
Fairy : “yes, but remember you must be Cinderella be here before
12 o’clock in The evening or stepmother will know.”
Cinderella :” fairy well, thak you and I’ii go first.Bye…bye….!!!”
Narrator : Cinderella herself went go to the kingdom. When I got
there he welcomed The soldiers. But no one recognized her
mother was no exception and her Stepsister.
Prime minister : “prince, what’s party ? is prince had found someone who likes
prince ?”
Prince : (looks around) “she is ? pointed circumstances as the
Cinderella of the.”(new arrivals)
Prime minister : “I do not know her prince maybe she is a princess of king.”
Prince : “she’s beautiful.”
Soldier : “what do I need to inter to him.”
Prince :”no, I’m my self.”

Prince :”Excuse me,what should I here?”
Cinderella :”Sure,why not?”
Prince :”What I never knew you?”
Cinderella :”No prince.”
Prince :”Are you a princess from another kingdom ?”
Cinderella :”No,I am just an ordinary people.”
Narrator :Soon they were talking,the bell was sounded indicating 12
o’clock at night.
Cinderella :”Oh no!”
Prince :”Why?”
Cinderella :”I must go.”(as she ran from the prince)
Prince :”But…but why?”(to follow cinderella’s run) “What is your
Narrator :Because rush Cinderella shoes even a part from his feet in
front of the kingdom.And the shoes were taken by the prince.
Prince : (while he took the shoes).”Who she really?She is beautiful.
I wish make she my princess.But now I not see her
again.” (seeing the shoes he wAS carrying).
“Soldier…prime minister..!!!”
Prime minister :”Yes prince.What’s a prince?”
Prince :”The soldier,I have a prize contest for all the girl in
this village.”
Soldier :”What is those prince?”
Prince :”For any one whose feet fit and these shoes enough, I will
married she .”
Narrator :The next day,all the girl in the village has been prepared
to wait their turn to try the shoes because they want to
become princess and the prince and his soldier arrived at
the home Cinderella.
Soldier :”Excusme..Good morning?”
Cinderella :”Yes..wait!”(While he walked toward the door and surpised
to see that it was a prince)
Marsha :”Cinderella,who is coming?””(look toward the door)”OH my
god..!!”(Surpise to see that it was prince and she is run)
Cinderella :(Just silent)
Mischell :”What’s up?”(Look prince and she is run to the door)
“Good maorning prince?”
Prince :”Morning..!”
Marsha :”So,now we turn?”
Cinderella :”We turn?Turn what?”
Marsha :”You don’t know?”
Mischell :”Distinct she didn’t know,because she not go to party yesterday.”
Marsha&Mischell :(Laugh)
Stepmother :”What’s up in this?”(While look the door and surpise to see prince)
“Oh prince..welcome to my house.”
Prince :”Thanks you!”
Stepmother :”You Stupid,Why not welcome the prince entered?”
Mischell :”Oh..yes..please enter in my home!”
Prince :”Thanks..(while he entered the house)
Soldier :”Ok..We start.Who wants to try first now?”
Mischell :”Me..me…”(show of hand)
Marscha :”No.i’m the first.”
Mischell :”No…I’m the first not you.”
Prime minister :”Ok..ok..silent please.All have been chance to try.”
Step mother :”Don’t you feel ashamed by the prince?You go ahead marsha”
Marsha :”Yes mom.This shoes must match for me.”(while attempt shoes)
Soldier :”Please miss!”
Marsha :”Oh my god!”
Stepmother :”Why marsha?”
Marsha :”This shoes is to small,there is something wrong?”
Soldier :”Sorry,this shoes not match for you.”
Marsha :”No..!”(Weeping)
Stepmother :”Next you mischell!”
Mischell :”Yes mom!”
Soldier :”Please!”
Mischell :(try to shoes)”Hah..these shoese just for me!”
Prince :”No,this shoes the biggest for you.”
Mischell :”But these shoes can I use.
Prime minister :”Sorry ladies,can’t!”
Mischell :(crying)
Stepmother :”How do you this?”(Angrying)”reduce your body marsha and
longest you foot mischell! Understand?”
Prince :”Don’t as it.What not again ladies in this home?”
Cinderella :”Sorry…Could I try?”
Stepmother :”Cinderella..What are doing?How can shoes that fit for you?
You not come to party.
Prince :”No problem,Please ladies!”
Soldier :”This is lady!”(with a shoes to try Cinderella)
Stepmother :”Oh my god!”(surpise look the shoes fit foot’s Cinderella)
Marsha&mischell :”Not possible!”
Prince :”This shoes the perfect with you!”
Prime minister :”How this is prince?”
Cinderella :”Prince,I have this pair of shoes!”(as shown pairs of shoes)
Prince :”Oh my god!”(surprise to see shoes with show Cinderella)
Narrator :Cinderrela was wearing shoes that.And fairy suddenly come
back and change Cinderella a beautiful as the time she went
to the party.
Prince :”You.Princes with I search.”
Cinderella :”Yes prince.this is me.”
Prince :”You are so beautiful girl.Do you marry me?”
Cinderella :”Yes of course.I want to marry you.”
Fairy :”Congratulation Cinderella,you deserved to be happy.”
Cinderella :”Thank you fairy,thank you very much!”
Stepmother :”Cinderella,we are so..so..sorry,We have done evil for
Marsha :”Yes Cinderella,we regret!”(crying)
Mischell :”We are very sorry!”(crying)
Cinderella :”Before you apoligezed,I had been apoligezed to us.
Stepmother :”Thank you Cinderella.You good girl.”
Marsha&mischell :”Thank you..thanks very much!”
Narator :”Finally,Cinderella got married with the prince.They life very
happy in the kingdom.Stepmother and stepsisters stay in the
kingdom.And they be happiness forever.

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